Keeping your smile beautiful without hurting the planet

Stay beautiful and up to date

Keep your Smile Fresh

mouthful tooth tabs offer the same benefits as a traditional toothpaste without exposing yourself to dangerous chemicals like Fluoride and SLS.

Cruelty-Free & Environmentally Friendly

mouthful tabs come in a beautiful and recyclable transparent PET bottle. Also, because our product doesn't contain water it is lighter and produces a lesser carbon footprint during shipping.

Proudly Made in USA

Designed in Austin, TX and made in the USA from responsibly sourced ingredients.

A Whole New Way To Brush

When you use a mouthful dental tablet you're getting all the benefits from traditional toothpaste without the waste.

Ultimate Portability

Whether embarking on a journey to a distant land or your workplace, make the need for taking your dental care in a transparent bag.

Help us Keep the World as Beautiful as You

The blended material and leftover toothpaste inside toothpaste tubes often make recycling almost impossible. The plastic in these tubes takes about 700 years to break down, becoming microplastics in the process.

What people are saying...

Erica S.

"This is fantastic! I can't believe that people still use regular toothpaste! It's a relief to know next time I travel I won't have to worry about packing a disposable bag in my purse."

Fred S.

"mouthful tabs are amazing! They get the job done just as well as regular toothpaste but I know I'm doing my part to reduce our carbon footprint."

Sarah W.

"Thanks so much for making me aware of the environmental impact of toothpaste tubes and the chemicals that are usually in them!"

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