On Earth Day, Let’s Rethink the Way We Brush

Happy Earth Day! What will you do today to honor our one and only planet?

We typically spoil ourselves with gifts or parties during our birthdays and anniversaries. For mother nature’s special day, the perfect gift is something that can benefit everyone, like planting a tree. There are so many other ways to celebrate the Earth, and the best ones are the simple actions that we can start today and sustain for the rest of our lives.

Our pledge for Earth Day 2019 is to rethink the way we take care of our oral health.

Bamboo forest

We recognize the massive impact that the small act of brushing our teeth can leave on the planet. Every year, 1 million tons of microscopic plastic wastes are released into the ocean and come back to us by infiltrating our drinking water and shores. The contaminants are mainly made up of disintegrated plastic, synthetic fibers, and microbeads—the same materials found in non-biodegradable toothbrush, nylon floss, and gel toothpaste.

We want to be part of Earth Day’s drive for change by reducing these types of everyday waste, by practicing sustainable dental care that is safer for our body and healthier for the environment. And we’re excited to take the first step today, which also happens to be Mouthful’s official launch!


Be better to yourself

Oral hygiene could also be the starting point of your zero-waste journey. Simple activities like brushing and flossing create trash daily, but the good news is that you have full control over these habits. For instance, make the switch to biodegradable bamboo toothbrush and silk floss. Not only do they lessen non-recyclable waste, they are also safer for your body.

Bamboo has antimicrobial properties that make it easier for you to stop disease-causing germs from breeding on your toothbrush. Silk floss naturally decomposes, and it’s a far safer choice compared to some regular floss brands that are coated with chemicals linked to cancer.


Be better for the environment

Be more conscious about the products you use and consume. From this day forward, let’s not be afraid to ask about what’s inside and behind our favorite brands. Do they use responsibly-sourced materials? How much carbon footprint do they leave on the planet? Do they practice proper waste disposal?

Support local manufacturers that promote eco-friendly packaging and reusable containers. The small steps we take can lead to monumental changes if put together, and if we all get behind on a greater influence, we might start making a difference faster than when we do it alone.

On Earth Day, challenge the norm and rethink your actions. There are better ways to keep our smile and the world beautiful!


MOUTHFUL strives to promote better understanding of sustainable dental health and oral hygiene practices. While we seek credible sources and cite them in our posts, this article does not intend to stand as professional advice. Please reach out to your dentist or a medical expert if you have questions regarding a health condition or treatment.

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