7 Convenient Ways to Reduce Oral Hygiene Waste

Living an eco-conscious life is one of the best decisions that you can make for yourself and the environment. What’s great about going green today is that there are countless ways to do so without putting yourself through very drastic changes.

If you’re thinking of embarking on a zero-waste journey, start with your personal hygiene. These are everyday habits that produce so much waste, but at the same time, they are things that you have full control of. One person can throw away three or more toothbrushes a year and can waste up to 24 litres of water a day from brushing. Imagine the destruction it leaves if we all create the same amount of trash. Now imagine how much of an impact we can make if we all do small changes such as these:


1. Switch to bamboo toothbrush
Unlike plastic brushes, a bamboo toothbrush is biodegradable. Some are even 100% compostable because they use all-natural materials from the handle to the bristles. Bamboo is a good renewable source for sustainable dental products because it grows fast without the need for pesticides.

2. Use solid toothpaste tablets
Solid dentifrice is a good zero-waste toothpaste alternative because it doesn’t come in plastic tubes or excessive carton packaging. Mint-sized toothpaste tablets contain the same amount of cleaning and protection in a pea-sized dab of regular toothpaste. So they don’t leave that guilty feeling of throwing away leftover toothpaste just because you can’t squeeze it out of the tube!

3. Carry silk floss
Opt for biodegradable floss that you can put in your compost bin after use. Nylon dental floss is non-recyclable, and some brands are coated with a lubricating substance that can cause diseases like cancer. If it ends up in the sea, it can either worsen the pollution or entangle small marine animals.

4. Say no to disposable toothbrush
Instead of using disposable toothbrush during travel, make sure to bring your own brush instead. Not only will you be sure that the bristles are gentle for your gums, you’ll also lessen single-use plastic trash.

Bamboo toothbrush in portable UV sanitizer

5. Choose reusable packaging

Truly zero-waste dental care products ideally come in reusable containers like PET bottles or recycled paper packaging. For your travel brush, it’s smart to invest in a sturdy bamboo case or a portable UV sanitizer to keep it safe and clean.

6. Mind your water usage
Simple actions like turning off the tap while you brush and using a cup instead of your hands for rinsing can save so much water. There’s no harm in going the extra mile by lowering your water pressure or getting regular plumbing checks.

7. Buy in bulk
Buying sustainable dental products in bulk saves money, time, and a lot of natural resources. You can also lessen packaging waste by choosing refillable floss and toothpaste tablets, or by putting them in smaller containers instead of getting separate travel-size products.


There’s great comfort in knowing that our small steps can have a large impact to our overall health and the environment. Doesn’t it feel to good to keep our mouth, conscience, and planet beautiful and clean?


MOUTHFUL strives to promote better understanding of sustainable dental health and oral hygiene practices. While we seek credible sources and cite them in our posts, this article does not intend to stand as professional advice. Please reach out to your dentist or a medical expert if you have questions regarding a health condition or treatment.

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