Why we started MOUTHFUL : the oral care industry needs a rework

Have you ever stopped to think about what happens to your toothpaste tube once you’re through with it? The sad truth is that they're rarely recyclable, adding to the ever-growing clutter in landfills after they’ve served their purpose in your bathroom. The same happens with our toothbrush and floss.

A Beautiful Smile That Fits Your Lifestyle
Keeping our breath fresh shouldn’t hurt our environment, our body, and even our backpack. At mouthful, we rethink the way we take care of our teeth and our planet by developing long-lasting, hassle-free dental care products.

Made For You by People Like You
mouthful was born out of a flight from London to our headquarters in Austin, TX. 

We are a husband-and-wife duo who travels a lot and basically has our life in a backpack. It’s practical, but sometimes it can get inconvenient. How many times have you had to deal with a sticky mess of toothpaste squished under the weight of your laptop? It has happened to us more often than we like to admit. That’s why we gave ourselves the option of using dental tablets when we’re on the go.

But it was on that long flight that we decided to make the full switch. With the choice of using a toothpaste removed from our usual toiletry pack, we came to realize how much better tablets are than the tube that we have gotten so used to. And at that time, we were already playing with the idea of putting up our own ecommerce brand that creates a positive impact. So we thought that this is it. Travel-friendly and eco-friendly oral hygiene. With nowhere else to go and nothing much to distract us, we sort of brewed the idea on the plane and started putting everything together when we landed.

We believe in challenging the usual to bring out a better way of doing things. Just like what happened on that flight, we can start by eliminating the bad choices and only presenting the good stuff.

Our Simple Approach
When we started using alternatives to the traditional toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss, we kept finding ourselves at a constant push and pull. Which should be our bigger focus: sustainability or convenience? But should there even be a choice? Preserving nature is everyone’s responsibility. What we want to do is make it feel less like a task and more of a wonderful result of a daily habit. 

  • Take it anywhere
Dental tabs are super handy, and they don’t leak in your bag or burst mid-flight. No tubes. No mess.

  • Leave nothing behind
Bamboo brushes and silk floss have a longer lifespan than their synthetic counterparts.No leftovers. No waste. 

Doing Our Part
As a business, we want to do good. As human beings, we want to do better. Doing our part means more than just bringing value and providing needs. If we inspire you to make the first switch, we are already creating a positive impact.

Why We Do It
We want to lead the change in Everybody brushes their teeth. Everyone knows the benefits. But how many of us is aware of the unwanted effects it leaves in our body and on Earth? Think about the harmful chemicals you put in your mouth and the non-recyclable plastic you put in your trash. And most of us do it three times, daily. For such a simple activity we do for a very small part of our body, dental hygiene can leave a huge footprint on the environment. Oral care waste contributes 50 million pounds of landfill garbage every year.


We can do better.


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