• Sustainable Oral Care Subscription
  • Sustainable Oral Care Subscription
  • Sustainable Oral Care Subscription

Sustainable Oral Care Subscription

Tabs go where toothpastes cannot: in your pocket and hand-carry luggage.
Our dental tablet is a handy alternative to toothpastes without the mess, hassles, waste, and harmful chemicals. Each piece is pressed solid to match the recommended amount of toothpaste to use each time you brush. Store them in a tiny bottle or pop one from the pill case. No leftovers, no trash.

  • Fluoride-free formula
  • No synthetic irritants from SLS, using a coconut-derived surfactant
  • No microbeads
  • 90 tablets for 1 month’s use
  • Refreshing mint flavor
  • Pea-sized solid form
  • Glass Bottle Zero-Waste Packaging
  • Safe for air travels

Uses Safe Ingredients
Do away with chemicals that stay after rinsing and enter your bloodstream. Tabs only use safe, natural ingredients. No microbeads that can scratch tooth enamel and clog the intestines. No fluoride that discolors teeth and increases the risk of fluorosis. No SLS that irritates gums and leads to mouth ulcers. 

Promotes Convenience
Travel smart. Unlike toothpaste tubes, Tabs don’t get squeezed in your backpack. Take them with you on the plane without fear of soiling your clothes and gadgets. Bring as little or as much as you need. No guessing when you’ll run out if you can literally count how many brushing sessions you have left.

Saves the Environment
Make the eco-friendly choice. Tabs come in transparent, recyclable PET bottles, not single-use tubes that take more than 400 years to break down into microplastics. When dumped in the ocean and exposed to sunlight, plastics release particles of toxic chemicals that poison marine life and end up in our food. Keep BPA out of your body and the ocean.

  • $34.97

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